My name is Justin Parkinson,
I’m a 24-year-old Radio Broadcasting graduate from Specs Howard with a background in Policing, Military and Photography.
I am interested in grassroots activism and social justice causes, as well as volunteering my time in the community, I have  also traveled for causes.
I have done a lot of volunteer work over time, I truely enjoy it.
I’ve traveled to Europe as a volunteer  care giver for veterans, as well participating in community events such as the Dragon boat Races
In the past I have also traveled to New Orleans , where I helped rebuild houses for people who’s homes were damaged due to Hurricane Katrina.
I have also traveled to the Cayman Islands to train Cayman Cadets. Most recently I volunteered long term to help run a Children’s home in Haiti.
I enjoy sharing my knowledge so I can help others, in turn learning from them as well.

“Knowledge is Power”

I have always had a passion for helping people out from a young age, though I tend to try to stay humble and modest about it,
You can ask almost anyone that knows me and they will tell you I have a huge heart!

At times I know I can be a really reserved person , you could say I am an observer, a thinker ,
But  in the right setting I am very social and can get along with pretty much anyone.
I like to think outside the box or even just throw the box away, and I am always  open to new experiences.
I find confidence to be a very attractive character in a person as well as compassion , honesty and respect for others.

When I put my heart into something nothing can stop me.
Traveling to Haiti was one of my biggest goals that I’ve achieved ,
I placed my heart and soul into achieving this and I’m so grateful that I did it and learned so much from the work I had done.

When given a task I always try to put  my best foot forward and I’m never afraid to take on big challenges.
If I ever have to step up and take a leadership role, I accept it with no hesitation.
Leadership is a role I have no problem embracing ever.
I like hearing other peoples idea’s,
I feel all idea’s are important and without an open mind an opportunity to make a huge impact on the project at hand could be missed, so listening to others thought’s and opinions  is  huge to me.

When it comes to life philosophy (?)
I feel you should be able to live your life  doing exactly what you want and love to do.
In your community and/or around the world.
I feel we as humans are innately tuned to help each other in times of need and struggle.
Haiti is what really brought it to fruition helping to  make an impact,  for the children and my friend Emily Hime.

I am ever-evolving as a person , and ever-changing.

I am currently writing a book about my life and the adventure’s I’ve experienced over the past few years… I’m expecting to have it done by the New Year (2014)
Thank you for following my journey.


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