Jelly Fish

Jelly Fish

Recently Kè Kontan has had a lot of volounteers and the house has been full. It’s nice to have a few extra people around, I get to save a bit of energy. The other day we went to the beach that was near the old orphanage, well the original place we planned on going didn’t work out (original beach).  The people/ kids that were living at the old place said they knew some where we could go. We ended up paying some people a couple of bucks to use their beach front for a bit. The water was really nice, we ended up moving a little further down because there was sea urchants.

The beach with Jelly Fish

The beach with Jelly Fish

Emily jumped in the water and just as I was about to jump in, she goes I just touched a jelly fish”. Emily ended up being stung by a jelly fish… let’s just say I held off jumping in right away. Emily was fine the jelly fish was just little itty bitty one. I found another spot to jump in, I was a bit paranoid but got used to it. As I was getting out there was a jelly fish that swam right where I was. I guess I just had good timing at choosing when to getting out.

On the way home from the beach.

On the way home from the beach.

So Emily and Val have been joking around a lot lately about finding me a Haitian “Mennaj” (girlfriend) *shakes head*. The big joke at first was to hook me up with the nanny… “she’s great with kids and you guys are the perfect height”. Most recently they decided that the girl that we get hot dogs from and internet credits from would be a great match. Oh the joys of being in Haiti too long. We’ve been having a great laugh about this… I wonder who it will be next week.

The past few days have been a little warm and I think it’s affecting everyone. My self the volounteers and Emily we all seem to be just that little bit more exhausted. I think the babies are feeling it too they seem to be crying more.

Haiti 2012 073

Christmas is nearing and it really doesn’t feel like it. I arrived in Haiti late November when it was freezing out, now I’m in Haiti and it’s super warm and the idea of X-mas has kind of just slipped by. I keep reminding myself it’s only a few days away… I’ve never been away from home or out of the country for Christmas so this is a weird and cool experience at the same time. I’ve always tried to look at every “big event” such as Christmas and birthdays like every other day. I’m not saying don’t be excited just be glad that you are alive for another day and get to spend time with people in general.

Emily went out today with one of her friends so myself and the 2 volounteers went to the tent city and gave out some stuff to the families there. It’s pretty crazy to see how they are living and the way their “houses” are put together.

Haiti 2012 008

I’m playing Scrabble with the volounteers and managed to pull of 44 points on one word I had to say I’ve really outdone myself this time!

I can’t think of much else to say but the Xmas tree looks nice the kids love it and can’t wait for Christmas so they can get their presents. The 2 girls that came recently brought a bunch of presents for the kids so they can have a great Christmas like what “we’re” used to.

Merry Christmas every one and Happy Holidays!

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