Cite Soleil

Cite Soleil

Day 2

Today (Nov. 29) Emily and I had to head to Cite Soleil to pick up 2 children who are malnourished and very underweight for a year and 2 months old. If I had to guess I would have said they were 5 months.

All day Emily and I took a tap tap around town It was pretty hot out but I have to say I didn’t mind sweating; I sure don’t miss the cold.

Em had to stop at Western Union so she could get some money for the driver to put gas in the tap tap. Before we headed off again we stopped at Epidor. The sandwiches were pretty good… when I first saw the sign it looked like the mascot was a joint turns out it was just a sub.

When I came to Haiti I was told by many people who had been here before to drop all expectations and I did; everything we do just kind of flows and feels “normal” as like I’ve been doing it for a while. Every so often I step back and go Wow in Canada this would never be happening such as not wearing seat belts holding the kids in the front seat or going into an intersection with cars going 6 different ways. All of this I didn’t feel shocked about until I stepped back for second and was like “hey this isn’t the norm.” at least not for me.

I think I’m adjusting well the only thing I think I’m trying to get used to is every one staring at the blanc I feel like I say a sign that says tourist. Other than that life is pretty nice so far.

We got back from our day in Cite Soleil and we were both tired, just looking at everything going on around you is pretty draining. The kids adjusted really well to the babies and happened to be very helpful.

I received some donations of clothing before I came and it’s already been put to use these little girls needed some clean clothes and we were able to provide them J.

Some of the kids from the tent city came over to play with the boys I took some photos and video while I was watching Jodline & Jodnice (the new baby girls). Christine has grown pretty fond of Justin Beiber (me) and likes to bug me for piggy back rides sometimes it’s hard to say no even when I’m exhausted because she’s so cute. I digress, Christine was sitting with me and wanted to take pictures of me taking care of the babies so I let her play with my camera for a bit… no pictures actually took :P. The boys saw that my camera was out and wanted to be filmed playing soccer, so I filmed them a bit. Later Don came over and insisted on filming so I guided him through it and the kids went nuts. After about 5 minutes of going all out they would run to Don and want to watch themselves, it was cute watching them laugh and talk about what they did.

Today the desks for the English classes were supposed to be made but I guess they got in trouble for using too much electricity from the welder… so there’s another small delay.

The night seemed to drag on, not really a bad thing but every time Em and I looked at the clock is was still 5:30 or 6:15. It was dark out so it felt like 10:30 since we were so drained, the heat and excitement all day tends to take it out of you, it’s starting to make since why Caribbean countries are so laid back.

We were playing domino’s eating and suddenly she was bit by something and kept biting her and was in her shirt. The biting went away then a few minutes later came back and was working down her shirt and I was joking about ants in her pants… sure enough whatever it was made it down to her pants, turns out it was an ants. I had a good laugh her felt bad but it was funny at the same time.

The two girls we brought in to take care of for a month until they are better are very well behaved and rarely wine but if food shows up they reach and reach. Another thing about these girls they are cute when sleeping but they seem to find their way to the concrete. Emily and I keep putting them on the mat but they must love the cold.


There’s not much else going on right now just sitting around the table with Emily enjoying the what seems to be pretty much perfect shorts and T-shirt weather, not too hot/cold or humid J… Haha be jealous.


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