Warm but not Sunny (because it’s night)

Warm but not sunny

Round 2 of blogging here we go, where to even start! I guess at square one.

Today or on the 27th I woke up rather early as my best friend and I planned on going to breakfast together. Originally we wanted to go to the Golden Griddle but apparently the people running it were terminated yikes… So Krystina and I drove half way across town to eat at a nice little place called the Lumberjack it was yummy.

We did some more running around I ran into a small issue with the iPhone I was supposed to get for Emily Hime, it was too expensive to get unlocked so I sold the phone and managed to nab an unlocked one before I left, you’re welcome Em ;).

Krys and I went to the river to take a picture which turned out fantastic! And then I brought her home.

Krystina & I

My stomach was really upset this morning why… nerves maybe? I didn’t feel nervous everything felt so surreal that I didn’t even feel anxious. I was going to stop at my Credit Union to get some money exchanged when the ol’ tummy decided to get grumpy so I went home. I did some quick Photoshop for Krystina on our “Besties” picture and then loaded up my car with the suitcases/ bags.

I almost forgot to charge my camera before we left! I managed to get a bit of a charge so I could do some filming. Miss Julia Monk my other Other Half forgot to charger her battery as well! Luckily I have a car charger for outlets and she was able to charge her battery before we got to the airport.

Jules and I took off, stopped at the Credit Union and got some money changed over thankful my stomach was better by this time. We headed off to the States listening to “Big Shiny Tunes 9”. Oh the joys of the classics.

The border crossing was rather seamless, other than I almost forgot the name of the airport :S.

Julia and I picked up my mom at her work and off we went to Detroit Metro. I got signed in nice and easy. Just before security Julia turned on her camera for a little chat and goodbye with the 3 of us. I had a gift for my mom, it was like a framed stitched picture saying something along the lines of “Every great child comes from a great mom” I can’t quite remember the exact slogan, it was perfect though! My mom started to cry and I’m not going to say I have a black heart but I don’t usually get emotional and I started to tear up myself. Julia got it all on film… if anything you’ll want to purchase the documentary just to have proof I’m a softy on the inside. I flipped my camera on for the transition of me leaving; it should look cool in the documentary (I hope).

I waited around for a bit at the boarding gates, I decided I’d pay for some WiFi, which kept me temporarily sane and then waited to be loaded up.

I guess they over booked the flight and wanted people to fly tomorrow for a free round trip and accommodations; it sounded tempting but I couldn’t wait any longer for Haiti. I jokingly mentioned on Facebook that the kiddies and wheelcharies better watch out haha. I was kidding…  everyone else though watch out ;)!

I got to my seat with no fuss and all went well, the seats were super close together thought! I ended up in a middle seat which meh wasn’t too bad. I didn’t talk to anyone really during the flight, had music on the whole time.

While on the plane I pre wrote some stuff because I was so bored… I wrote it in French so no one around me can read it… Hopefully.  I’ll post it in French and then translate it for you.

Ou es ce que je commence? Je ne suis pas quel quine qui faire complaigne, mes je dois trouver quelque chose à faire nais pas?

Premier j’ai rendu a ma chaise et je suis dans le milieu mes c’est correct je peux vivre avec se la.

J’ai commencé avec essayer de dormir un peux et ca fonctionner pour environ 20 minute apprêt J’ai essayé de changer mon position avec ma tète sure the siège en devant de moi et Bien voila c’était confortable… pour 5 minute et l’enfant sautai tous partout. Ca c’était la fin de ca haha.

Apprête j’ai essayer de juste regarder a différent chose sure mon ordinateur… rien amusant, et tout mes vidéo était sure on external harddrive qui est dans mes « checked bags » .

Je regardai au personne a la droit de moi qui jouais connecte quatre et elle perdait chaque fois elle était terrible, je juste voulais dire, tu ne connais pas comment jouer juste quitté le jeu sil vous plais, je sentais décourager pour elle.

J’ai pré-écrit cette parti du blog car je peux pas dormir le chose est que je l’écrit en français pour ce que les personnes accoter de moi peux pas le lire… J’une connais pas ci ce la es mauvais ou Genius!

Translation : Where do I begin? I’m not usually someone who complains, but I have to find something to do right?

First I arrived at my seat and I’m in the middle but that’s okay I can live with that.

I started by trying to sleep for a bit which worked for 20 minutes, then I tried to change my position with my head against the seat ahead of me, well what do you know it’s comfortable… for 5 minutes and the kid in the seat was just jumping everywhere. Well that was the end of that.

After that I just tried to look at different things on my computer… nothing amusing, and all my movies are on my external harddrive which was in my checked luggage.

I was looking at the person to the right of me who was playing connect 4 and was losing every game, she was terrible, I just wanted to say stop playing: you don’t know how to play you should just quit please. I started to feel really bad for her.

I pre-wrote part of the blog because I couldn’t sleep and the thing is I wrote it in French so the people next to me couldn’t read it… I don’t know if that’s terrible or Genius!

There’s what I wrote J hope it doesn’t make me seem too bad of a person.

I finally arrived at the airport in Fort Lauderdale. While waiting to get off the plane I started to chat up the person on the other side of me (not the one bad a connect 4). We started talking out where we were from and what we were doing and she was intrigued that I do photography so I got her email and will be sure to keep her up to date!… If she decides to follow my blog that is.

So I finally I get into the airport area, don’t know what the heck to do there’s people everywhere I just wanted to sit down and nest for a bit lol. After finding the most amazing spot ever!  my computer is all like “Hey there’s no WiFi here”.  I have to say I was about to cry… 11 hours with nothing to do but ponder why the carpet has weird shaped flowers. I was at the point I was about to take a cab to Mcdonalds just to use their WiFi for the night. I decided to ask someone that works here at the Fort Lauderdale airport where I could get internet. Needless to say I guess the airport had it all along and my computer was being silly and not picking it up. I got the internet working and it was super fast! Oh it was free as well whoohoo… I even got my super sweet spot back haha!

First call came through on Skype and it was my mom so I talked to her for a bit. After my mom it was my best friends turn, Krystina! I gave her a call and we talked for about an hour or so and I started downloading movies for the plane while I had fast internet. Tee (Krystina) had made me a special envelope with stuff in it that I couldn’t open until I was on the plane or in Florida. Since I had such a long lay-over I decided to open it with her on Skype and it was pretty awesome.  There was a special letter and some funny inside joke stuff and a cute book, it was pretty awesome.

Skype Time with Tee


Tee gave me a necklace before I left that was engraved and has 2 pendants on it and the cool thing is every time they clang together it reminds me of her.

I know she may be a little upset that I’m sharing part of her letter she wrote but it was awesome and made me feel super special.

“Through life you will meet one person who is unlike any other. You could talk to this person for hours and never get bored, you could tell them things and they won’t judge you. This person is your soul mate, your best friend. Don’t ever let them go.”

I later talked to Lola, my charming beautiful “Gypsie friend” who I love talking to she’s always so uplifting! Miss you LOLY!

Oh at this point I had been kicked out of my spot by the cleaning crew, but that’s okay the bottom floor of the airport was really empty and calming.

Caitlyn was to follow for a little bit but she had to go take off to watch a TV show :P. She called back later for a bit.

I proceeded to write my blog page after page… I LOVE it, stuff to write about stories instead of just “Update on raising money”. I moved around a bunch more times; I think I was just antsy maybe, also needed an outlet to charge my computer incase I decided to watch a movie on the plane. I have to say at this point my butt is kind of sore from sitting on the floor but I like this spot it’s away from everyone.

I was talking with Emily Hime a little bit about some games to play with the kids outside, we came up with: Marco Polo, Hop Scotch, Red Light Green light as well as a few others it was fun; I can’t wait to play!

Krystina ended up calling back on Skype and we chatted some more which passed some time but delayed more blogging. I have a feeling I won’t be getting much sleep, hope I don’t regret it.

I started to get hungry as I usually do, having a ridiculous fast metabolism problem was everything is closed because it’s 1:30 AM… Vending machine it is. I purchased “Salsitas” I have to say AMAZING, actually no, not amazing but really really good.


Well the cleaners seem to be closing in on my new spot gatta get moving AGAIN. I’m going to wrap everything up here so I can hurry and proof read and then at least get a few hours of sleep. Stay tuned for more info… it probably won’t be such a long read next time though ;).

Take care everyone and remember just take life one day at a time and live to make yourself happy, not to just “survive”.




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