Here We Go Again

I’m finally getting back on my feet getting used to being home now, I’ve got the travelling and vacation all done and out of the way. As much fun as it was to travel and go on vacation I miss working on my Haiti project and I feel like I’ve fallen behind on updates, not only for everyone following but also from Haiti itself.

In the next few I’m diligently going to be working on getting back into the swing I was in before. Unfortunately when I was in England I didn’t get as much word out as I was expecting since family kind of took precedence. I still have some doctors appointments to make, shots to get and meetings to make.

I’m working really hard on trying to figure out where I want this venue to be honest I wish I had already chosen one but I want it to be the right location and for the right price, I don’t mind paying out of my own savings to cover the venue I just want it to be successful not just for me but for Emily so they can have some surplus to work with for the new orphanage. Once I finally get the date picked out, I have an awesome friend Julia Monk who will be shooting an interview for me to publish! Along with this video I plan on maybe throwing together a documentary once I get to Haiti and the endeavours we all encounter. If you’re wondering what I’m trying to get out of the documentary… Fame? No… Money? No; I want to being to show people what I experienced when they can’t feel what I felt just share to the world these great kids.

Washing day!

Recently Emily Hime called for a building team because the orphanages good friend/ Security guard & Haitian father (Tiny as they call him) lost his house on the 16 due to strong winds and a storm that came through their town. Tiny’s 6 children & his wife had been without shelter, fortunately his family will temporarily be staying with Emily & Montanna at the orphanage until they are able to find people and funds to assist them with rebuilding their home. If anyone wants to sponsor, donate, or come and help to rebuild please comment this post/ message me or visit Emily’s and comment in the donation box that the funds are towards “Tiny’s house”.

Tiny’s Family

He who gives when he is asked has waited too long.

~Sunshine Magazine


About Justinn

I'm a graduate of many fields but my passion is traveling & helping others. I've come to realize that with my traveling I can teach, guide and learn. I opened this blog originally to help you live through my experiences in Haiti which changed my life. I now pass on my lessons of life and new discoveries for the world to see. If I can change even one person's life it's all worth it.

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