The Sun Shines Where Ever You Are

Not much but a few updates and good news as usual, Emily and the kids will be moving into their temporary house soon and will continue to raise the $40,000 Dollars needed for the new orphanage, which I might add is not a lot of money; I’ve said it many times before “You can barely even build a shed for that here in Canada.”

Recently I was working for AM800/89X (Local radio stations) at a Volleyball event it was perfect weather out sun shining, decent breeze going a great time to start a base tan so I don’t turn into toast in Haiti! This posts title stands for many things, but one of them is the fact that the sun toasted me yesterday. I’m burnt from head to toe even though I wore sun screen, I got home and plastered on the Aloe Vera luckily I recover rather quick from burns and hopefully have a nice tan started. Besides the burn I also met some great people at the event, namely a few gentlemen from STC Construction. Without a blink of an eye one of them donated $100 which definitely put a spring in my step keeping me pushing forward as usual. I’ve met so many great people who have been to Haiti like one of the guys from STC to people already there like Seanna and Sarah.

Recently Brandon (one of the volounteers) just headed home, but the good news is we have more people headed out there real soon! I’m really excited to head over to Haiti and start helping out myself.


Quick side note just had someone at work donate 25 dollars (^_^), and have had a steady stream of people giving change into my donations jar daily yay!

I should be getting my Haiti “art” bracelets soon from Seanna I have also ordered 10 extra which are $10 dollars a piece if anyone is interested. I will be paying for them myself so the Artisan gets paid and it will help support his family as well; the money you pay me for the bracelets goes straight into my Just’in Hime For Help donation fund; it’s a double win!

$10 each and they help support a Haitian family, made by Haitian Artisan

Apologies for the horrid grammar and spelling earlier, I believe it’s all been corrected.

This is my favourite quote:

“It’s not about weathering the storm; it’s about learning how to dance in the rain”



About Justinn

I'm a graduate of many fields but my passion is traveling & helping others. I've come to realize that with my traveling I can teach, guide and learn. I opened this blog originally to help you live through my experiences in Haiti which changed my life. I now pass on my lessons of life and new discoveries for the world to see. If I can change even one person's life it's all worth it.

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