Today Show w. Sean Penn Rebuilding Haiti with Hope and Faith

I don’t normally re-blog but I think it’s worth it. A celebrity that actually does something because they believe in it not for publicity.

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Two and one-half years later, Haiti still finds itself very much embroiled against the aftermath of nature’s wrath since the earthquake that hit on January 12, 2010. Family life has been impacted to an immeasurable degree, and rebuilding… continues.

On May 22 in a one-on-one Today Show interview (bottom), Ann Curry asks of Ambassador-at-Large for Haiti Sean Penn why he hasn’t moved on (from promoting the cause of rebuilding Haiti) since many others have. “Because the job isn’t done. And they’d had every exploitation happen to them, every invasion happen to them, every dictatorship happen to them, and now there’s this new world where things can change. It’s a kind of magic moment.  It’s an exciting time to be working in Haiti.”

Renown architect and Spurlin Cousin Jon Randall along with his beloved wife and our Cousin Yolanda Randall each share with us the efforts of the World Missions Organization (WMO) to…

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