Broken Bones But Not Spirits

Here’s a quick update on things recently Emily was in a moto(Motor bike) accident, and she had broken her foot, dislocated her knee and has some burns from the bikes tailpipe. Please keep Emily in your prayers along with Seanna who was in the accident as well who is working very hard to help people in Haiti also (please check out her site Haiti In My Heart also on the links page). Emily was able to get an “Air cast” and will be on crutches for a while. She’s such a tough girl strong spirited and motivated, prayers are much needed because she cares so much for these kids and will no doubt push her limits… if she even has any. Keep an eye on the blog for updates.


On a side note Kurt from shipped out the boxes today and I will be able to send at least one of them off at the end of June yay! I also received some water purification tablets that I can send off as well for back up in case they have the water purification issue in the future.

We can’t hope for a better future if we’re not doing something to get there.
-Peter Parkour