300 Hits n’ Counting

So today I reached 300 Hits on the site yay! So far my top views was 50 in one day back in may and yesterday I hit 40.

I’ve recently publicized more at work about my plan of going to Haiti and the support and help has been fantastic. The other day I was talking to a colleague and she said that she would bake some desserts and sell them, and all the profits would go to helping me get to Haiti. A lot of people were saying bring in a donation can of sorts so I had a few that I hadn’t handed out yet. When I went into work people already handed me all the change that they had in their pockets and some people all of the change in their wallets. I’m really grateful for everything that I’ve been receiving it’s really heart warming to know that there is so many people who are willing to help out.

I went to the store today and got my new memory card for the camera I’m getting for video once I get to Haiti I got a great deal as I’ve been looking for trying not to spend more than what is needed. Both store I had gone to said the camera I’m looking at getting will be going on clearance soon, I plan on waiting it out despite my excitement. I got an email this morning as well as a call regarding my old Cannon Rebel XS showing interest in buying it, I will be holding onto that money until the new camera Cannon T2i goes on clearance.

Some photo’s have been added to the “Caleb’s House Orphanage tab go check them out!!!

A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money.

~John Ruskin


About Justinn

I'm a graduate of many fields but my passion is traveling & helping others. I've come to realize that with my traveling I can teach, guide and learn. I opened this blog originally to help you live through my experiences in Haiti which changed my life. I now pass on my lessons of life and new discoveries for the world to see. If I can change even one person's life it's all worth it.

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