The Sun Shines Where Ever You Are

Not much but a few updates and good news as usual, Emily and the kids will be moving into their temporary house soon and will continue to raise the $40,000 Dollars needed for the new orphanage, which I might add is not a lot of money; I’ve said it many times before “You can barely even build a shed for that here in Canada.”

Recently I was working for AM800/89X (Local radio stations) at a Volleyball event it was perfect weather out sun shining, decent breeze going a great time to start a base tan so I don’t turn into toast in Haiti! This posts title stands for many things, but one of them is the fact that the sun toasted me yesterday. I’m burnt from head to toe even though I wore sun screen, I got home and plastered on the Aloe Vera luckily I recover rather quick from burns and hopefully have a nice tan started. Besides the burn I also met some great people at the event, namely a few gentlemen from STC Construction. Without a blink of an eye one of them donated $100 which definitely put a spring in my step keeping me pushing forward as usual. I’ve met so many great people who have been to Haiti like one of the guys from STC to people already there like Seanna and Sarah.

Recently Brandon (one of the volounteers) just headed home, but the good news is we have more people headed out there real soon! I’m really excited to head over to Haiti and start helping out myself.


Quick side note just had someone at work donate 25 dollars (^_^), and have had a steady stream of people giving change into my donations jar daily yay!

I should be getting my Haiti “art” bracelets soon from Seanna I have also ordered 10 extra which are $10 dollars a piece if anyone is interested. I will be paying for them myself so the Artisan gets paid and it will help support his family as well; the money you pay me for the bracelets goes straight into my Just’in Hime For Help donation fund; it’s a double win!

$10 each and they help support a Haitian family, made by Haitian Artisan

Apologies for the horrid grammar and spelling earlier, I believe it’s all been corrected.

This is my favourite quote:

“It’s not about weathering the storm; it’s about learning how to dance in the rain”


Mustard Seed

I saw this quote from another Blogger and had to post it!

Jesus didn’t say, “You must have faith as big as a mountain, and then maybe you can move a mustard seed.” He says boldly and unapologetically, “Have faith as small as a mustard seed, and you will move mountains.”



Exciting Things Are Coming!

Lots of good news instead of re-writing it all I’m just going to re-post what Emily has said; but just to sum it up quick, Emily has been travelling a ton as well been in a lot of meetings. She has been working on teaming up with  FEMAD who’s offered land to build on, and getting the orphanage “official”. 

Without any more delay here’s the news

The past week has been absolute chaos. I began the week with a trip to Port Au Prince last Tuesday. I had a meeting with some government officials in regards to registering the orphanage and obtaining permanent residency. From there, I headed to Cap Haitian. I knew it was going to be a long drive, however, the 7 hour drive turned into a 9 1/2 hour drive due to a road block that made us take a detour through the mountains and voodoo villages. This wouldn’t have been so bad if our truck had proper shocks and if the roads were paved. Let’s just say I was a hurting unit after that trip and the three men I was traveling with sure got a kick out of it when I was crying in pain and asking them to stop and get me duck tape so I could tape down my boobs!! So, we finally arrived in Cap Haitian but we were all so tired from the drive that we had to post pone the meeting until Friday. We drove to Ouanaminthe (its about an hour from Cap Haitian) and we met with the organization called FEMAD. They have been sending children to school and helping their community for many years, however, since the earthquake they have been having financial problems and had to quit the sponsorships. They have a huge office, a medical clinic, and a big piece of land. They had many plans to build on the land but since they do not have the money to build, the land has just been sitting there. They said that if I am willing to help them and their community then they would allow me to have the land. I agreed we could partner and we decided to keep my organization name “Hime For Help” and I will simply add them under my organization. On Saturday they took me to the land and took me around to meet some of the children. I was introduced to two babies: 1. Stephanie- 4 months old – her mother died a week before I met her. 2. Christela- 6 months- her parents have abandoned her. They asked if I would be willing to take them into the orphanage. Of course, my heart could not turn them away. But, I made an agreement that I will only take them once I have a new house since ours is not big enough and once they complete the paper work for me to take her. Hopefully the girls will be joining us in July !!! 

The trip to Ouanaminthe was successful. Due to the meetings being pushed back I had to try and rush back to Port Au Prince for my second meeting with Convoy of Hope. On our drive back from Ouanaminthe to Cap Haitian we stopped on the side of the road to get something to eat. The guys ordered me my food and we all sat in the truck and stuffed our faces. After I took a few bites they all started laughing and asked if I thought it was good. I said “yeah it tastes like every other goat I’ve eaten”. They then informed me that it was not goat. They had tricked me into eating horse. I was so mad and disgusted. I definitely lost my appetite after that !!! Gotta love hanging out with men. We received news that there was a second road block- which meant I would not make it home in time for the meeting. Blanchard decided to make a pit stop at the airport and booked me a seat on the next plane which would be departing at 3pm. The flight was only 25 minutes long but it was the craziest flight I have ever been on. The pilots sure did not know how to fly a plane. It kept raising and dropping and I was sure we were going to crash. Everyone on the plane was beginning to panic and feel nauseous. But we landed safely !!! 

I waited at the airport for my moto driver (Daniel) to pick me up. I was going to be staying at the Caribbean Lodge with my friend Seanna. My meeting with Convoy of Hope was successful. They handed me an envelope with a donation and also told me that they will be sending food for us. 

Since my meeting with Convoy of Hope, the meetings I was supposed to be in during my time in Port Au Prince have been multiplied. After every meeting it seems as if I gain two more meetings. I also had the opportunity to meet with Miriam Fedrick from New Life Orphanage who gave me amazing advice and guidance and also offered me a house to rent in Tabarre until we can complete the building. It is going to be $500 a month but it is big enough and has a large yard and a gate with barbed wire surrounding the property. I am hoping that we can come up with the funds to rent and that we can move down there within the next two weeks once our kids have finished school. Due to the safety of our children, volunteers, staff, and Montanna and I, as well as for our health and to meet the requirements of social affairs, we must move. I am exhausted and stressed but I am happy to finally get things going! I also met with an architect who is drawing out the plan for the orphanage, school, and guest house to be built on the land in Ouanaminthe. There is already a partially built building on the property and we are going to finish building that first so we can move there as soon as possible. It will be our temporary orphanage until we can build a larger one. However, to finish building that completely it will cost just under $40,000 US. So until we are able to come up with the funding, we are going to try to rent the house in Tabarre. Although this trip hasn’t been the most “fun” trip, I have gotten a lot accomplished and I have met so many wonderful people that have now become close friends. Seanna, Daniel, Miriam, Blanchard, Julio, the staff at Caribbean Lodge, and all of the UN workers I met have made this trip even better !!! 

I am still in Port Au Prince and will be until tomorrow afternoon as I am meeting with a lawyer tomorrow morning to complete some paperwork for the registration of the orphanage. It is a long and tiring process- but it will be worth it !! 

I am missing my babies so much and I was so glad to receive a phone call from them this morning. They passed the phone around and all said hi, asked how I was, when I would be coming back, and said I love you. That is the perfect way to start the day 🙂 I can’t wait to see them tomorrow. 

Things have definitely not been easy for us, we have faced a lot of obstacles, but so far, we have been able to overcome them, and I can only hope and pray that we will be able to continue to overcome obstacles in the future as I know we are going to be facing many. One thing I’ve learned is that nothing worth having comes easy – especially in Haiti !! 

I am still overwhelmed by the amount of support and encouragement I am receiving. I could not do it without it. Last night I received a phone call from Saghar- a lady who has done amazing work in Iran as well as in many other countries- her words of encouragement were definitely needed. I was amazed to be talking to someone who I had never met, who lives in another country, and who has the same passion as I do, and who was so inspired by my story. But the entire time she was talking, I was also very inspired by hers. She is planning to come and visit and to try to find us the support we need. I cannot wait to meet her !! I am also looking forward to receiving our two new volunteers on June 27th – Brooke & Madison who are also very young ladies with big hearts. 

Still missing everyone back home. 
Much love & God bless

Some more news on my end I was able to drop off some of the mosquito netting to a fellow supporter, who will be giving some if not all of it to one of the girls going to meet up with Em. I have also received my Solar Charger in the mail and have begun to prepare it for full battery capacity (three 12 hour charges with power drains), I’m also trying to figure out how it works, just found out it has a mosquito killer sounds maker… neet (^_^).

I have a few leads on venues for fundraisers in August hopefully, I’m getting really excited because I have a lot of people telling me to expect to reach well over my goal,

I expect nothing but am trying for everything!

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to raise a large amount so that I can give a good chunk to Hime For Help for the orphanage, remember you guys can always donate through the button on my side bar :). 

“Sometimes the best things in life aren’t actually things <3”


Today Show w. Sean Penn Rebuilding Haiti with Hope and Faith

I don’t normally re-blog but I think it’s worth it. A celebrity that actually does something because they believe in it not for publicity.

Spurlin Family Blog

Two and one-half years later, Haiti still finds itself very much embroiled against the aftermath of nature’s wrath since the earthquake that hit on January 12, 2010. Family life has been impacted to an immeasurable degree, and rebuilding… continues.

On May 22 in a one-on-one Today Show interview (bottom), Ann Curry asks of Ambassador-at-Large for Haiti Sean Penn why he hasn’t moved on (from promoting the cause of rebuilding Haiti) since many others have. “Because the job isn’t done. And they’d had every exploitation happen to them, every invasion happen to them, every dictatorship happen to them, and now there’s this new world where things can change. It’s a kind of magic moment.  It’s an exciting time to be working in Haiti.”

Renown architect and Spurlin Cousin Jon Randall along with his beloved wife and our Cousin Yolanda Randall each share with us the efforts of the World Missions Organization (WMO) to…

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Things are Falling Into Place

So hopefully I can remember everything I wrote prior because I accidentally changed windows and lost the new blog!

Anyway good news Emily/ Caleb’s House will be taking on **EDIT**2 more beautiful children Christela 6 months and Stephanie who is 6 months. Sadly Stephanies’s mother passed away on Saturday but she will have a great and loving home at Caleb’s House.** Hime For Help has partnered up with another organization and was offered land to build on! yay. As Emily said

“Now we just need to work our butts off to find the funding to do so.. But ..It is official.. We will be moving to Ouanaminthe :)”


The good news just keeps on rolling in, I went to the U.S. yesterday to pick up the mosquito netting there was 2 huge boxes… I don’t know why I was so surprised it was 100 Lbs. anyway thanks Kurt and While I was there some vinyl’s/stickers came in from so we can give some kids some like things to play with. While I was in the States I was able to visit some old friends from school, and was at my friends Hole in the wall bar and told her about my plan for Haiti and she was ecstatic and tossed me a donation without hesitation which I’m not surprised she’s a great Gal. While at the bar I got talking with gentleman sitting next to me about Haiti and then he told me how he did some work in Baghdad doing architectural engineering,  and later handed me his card saying to get in touch with him if we ever needed an addition/ building a new facility and that he may know some people who would be happy to help out for free!

I have to say during this whole adventure of raising money to help get to Haiti and getting supplies donated I’ve met some amazing people!

I have started brainstorming and asking people for help to put together some benefit dinners/ BBQ’s and I’ve had a lot of positive results. I went to my church recently and asked if I could use their gym to hold a dinner and I’m just waiting on a response on that, I was also thinking of having a BBQ after a Sunday service. One of my other friends may have snagged a lead on a tribute group that has performers from Elvis to Bob Marley and even Adele that says they can get venues for free and don’t charge anything for charities. Any money raised would go straight towards my cause and Hime For Help. I’ve had a lot of people tell me about other fundraiser’s that friends and family have done and have raise incredible amounts of money; I’m not expecting it but I still have my fingers crossed and am praying, hopefully you can do the same! A few friends of mine have offered to donate things such as paintings and gift certificates for paintings, Gift Baskets, I will also head out to some stores once I have a firm date and place to see if they would donate some stuff such as gift passes etc…

Earlier I said I’ve been meeting amazing people along my journey and one of them is Seanna, she’s also working in Haiti as a sort of placement guide. Seanna helps people find placements/ lodging to help out in Haiti, yet another great soul :). Recently she posted on her Facebook page that a local artisan will be selling some bracelets to help support his family, these works of art are only 10 dollars and are really unique I’ve already purchased 2 for when they come in hopefully at the end of July. I will be purchasing 10 in July if you are interested in buying any or you can go straight to Seanna’s page and message here there! Haiti In My Heart

ONLY 10 Dollars!


I usually only post one quote but I really liked both of these.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
~Margaret Mead

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
~Andy Warhol


I have some good news to share the orphanage purchased some wood and had a table built! The table is also big enough for family meals, which is awesome. They are also working on benches.

Some of the girls were going to a party that the school was holding and Emily with such a great heart decided to give them some money to go buy new outfits, like sandals and shirts. I guess they had a blast! and were showing of their clothes when they got home. There’s nothing like going out and buying new clothes right? Just imagine how the girls felt who have almost nothing in the first place and got to go buy some clothes for a party.

Other news people at work have been so generous with donating I get some donation in my can that I have on my desk everyday which really keeps me motivated. I spoke to one friend and she’s shocked I’m doing this and is so happy for me and jumped at the chance to help out. I brought her some posters today to hand out as she requested and has already spread the word to friend and we may have some kids that will be sponsored, keep your fingers crossed! I’d rather have a child be sponsor for a simple 30 dollars a month then receive a donation for my project to get out to Haiti.

Today I put in my order for a Solar charger which will help out with Emily’s computer so she can keep up on her blog and stay in contact with everyone as well keep any other minor electronics running so we can talk with supports through the country.

I got back in touch with a company that was more than happy to send out some samples and free vinyl’s/ sticker so that we can spruce things up at the orphanage and things for the kids to play with.

Recently I’ve been really thinking hard about putting together a Pasta Dinner auction for some time in August. I have an idea for ticket pricing now I’m just trying to think of some venues I can use there’s a few idea’s floating around. My biggest concern at this point is publicity getting people to buy tickets. I know a lot of people who would love to go to shops and ask for donations for the auction and I’ve had a lot of people excited for me to do a dinner as well and say I’ll bring in a lot of money; I hope so because anything in surplus of 2500 dollars goes straight to Hime For Help and they really need it for the new orphanage.

I want to thank everyone for the amazing amount of support so far.

Remember don’t forget to Smile

~Justin Parkinson

In about the same degree as you are helpful, you will be happy.

~Karl Reiland

Emily’s Request

Here’s just a small excerpt from Emily’s blog she requesting help for getting donations and sponsors for the kids.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance anyone could offer us right now with funding and also with finding a new location for Caleb’s House. Literally, every cent counts! I think that it is essential for the children’s safety, health, and all around well-being for us to relocate. We also still have a few kids that need sponsorships !!!! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to overcome new challenges everyday. Life sure is exciting here, you never know what is going to be thrown your way (Hopefully no more moto accidents or malaria). Thank you to everyone who has been assisting us and offering us words of encouragement. Special thanks to Alison Thompson, Cindi Courbat, Rachel Girard Mattsson, Patty Higgins Blaise, Justin Parkinson, Mary Thompson, P.J Pitts (for helping me find a cast & crutches), Melissa Berman, Alexandra Genis, Convoy of Hope, Terry Kivell, Susan Steinhauser, and most of all my Mommy & Daddy.

Missing everyone back home. Much love.

Thank you everyone for the support so far I will link her blog and child sponsorship, which can also be found on the link bar on the side :).


Emily’s Blog

Sponsor a child at the orphanage

Broken Bones But Not Spirits

Here’s a quick update on things recently Emily was in a moto(Motor bike) accident, and she had broken her foot, dislocated her knee and has some burns from the bikes tailpipe. Please keep Emily in your prayers along with Seanna who was in the accident as well who is working very hard to help people in Haiti also (please check out her site Haiti In My Heart also on the links page). Emily was able to get an “Air cast” and will be on crutches for a while. She’s such a tough girl strong spirited and motivated, prayers are much needed because she cares so much for these kids and will no doubt push her limits… if she even has any. Keep an eye on the blog for updates.


On a side note Kurt from shipped out the boxes today and I will be able to send at least one of them off at the end of June yay! I also received some water purification tablets that I can send off as well for back up in case they have the water purification issue in the future.

We can’t hope for a better future if we’re not doing something to get there.
-Peter Parkour

300 Hits n’ Counting

So today I reached 300 Hits on the site yay! So far my top views was 50 in one day back in may and yesterday I hit 40.

I’ve recently publicized more at work about my plan of going to Haiti and the support and help has been fantastic. The other day I was talking to a colleague and she said that she would bake some desserts and sell them, and all the profits would go to helping me get to Haiti. A lot of people were saying bring in a donation can of sorts so I had a few that I hadn’t handed out yet. When I went into work people already handed me all the change that they had in their pockets and some people all of the change in their wallets. I’m really grateful for everything that I’ve been receiving it’s really heart warming to know that there is so many people who are willing to help out.

I went to the store today and got my new memory card for the camera I’m getting for video once I get to Haiti I got a great deal as I’ve been looking for trying not to spend more than what is needed. Both store I had gone to said the camera I’m looking at getting will be going on clearance soon, I plan on waiting it out despite my excitement. I got an email this morning as well as a call regarding my old Cannon Rebel XS showing interest in buying it, I will be holding onto that money until the new camera Cannon T2i goes on clearance.

Some photo’s have been added to the “Caleb’s House Orphanage tab go check them out!!!

A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money.

~John Ruskin