Efforts Paying Off

Recently I said I received an email from a mosquito curtain company well here’s the news: I called Kurt and he said that they gather a lot of scraps that they cannot sell because of “Cosmetic” errors and purely cosmetic. Kurt and I spoke for a bit and he gave me a lot of good rigging suggestions. There were two things that he requested of me

1. Pay shipping (not big deal it’s worth it)

2. He would like Photos of the kids and the orphanage

What Kurt told me is that he has done this a few times before but people never hold up their end of the bargain of sending photos so I told him that because I plan on doing a lot of photography out there that I would make sure he gets some pictures!

I’ve done some minor updates to the posters and posted them on the blog as well I have added a “Donations” Button yay!

On other news I am selling my Cannon Rebel XS (DSLR) camera since it only takes photo’s I’m planning on upgrading to a Cannon 2Ti so that I can take some video’s while in Haiti since Emily was asking me if I could do that. So if anyone is interested in the camera let me know it comes with a lot of accessories. If you’re interested you can comment on this post, call/txt me 226.345.2951 or email me at justinparkinson@hotmail.com

So Emily’s communications have been down for the past few days since her power has been out I was able to talk to her for a bit today she’s doing well along with Montana. The girls have been a bit sick the past few days since the water they were drinking wasn’t purified but they didn’t know that since they were purchasing it.

I recently got her address over there and will most likely be sending some Water Purification Tablets. Emily informed me mail doesn’t always reach people out there because the system is so corrupt but I was able to find a fairly cheap price.

I have spoken to a co-worker who is in talks with someone she knows at Rotary International and have been giving me tips on writing a letter for Donations/support I wrote up a draft today and will let everyone know the updates as soon as I know myself.

 There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness.

-Dalai Lama


About Justinn

I'm a graduate of many fields but my passion is traveling & helping others. I've come to realize that with my traveling I can teach, guide and learn. I opened this blog originally to help you live through my experiences in Haiti which changed my life. I now pass on my lessons of life and new discoveries for the world to see. If I can change even one person's life it's all worth it.

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