Sharing the Info

So today I went out to lunch with my mother to let her know my plans of going to Haiti. Like I expected and what I would expect from every parent, is that she was not to impressed with the quick drop of news. Keep in mind I’m the youngest child of three and I’m “the baby” and Haiti is obviously not the safest country… First country to ever successfully perform a “Coupe D’etat”.

It is important for me to have my mum on board for this but regardless of her decision I’m going but I have no doubt she will support me and help me out… and what I’m assuming brag about what her son is doing once I’m out there.

My mum actually looked at some of the posters I’ve made up and even made some suggestions to change out and naturally is concerned with other information regarding going there and staying there. If any one is curious let me post up a list that Emily have posted for me.

 Hey Justin
> Today has been a busy day. Took the kids to the soccer field and then the beach right after. We had a blast.
> 1. Whats needed for short/long term
> – You do not need a visa for Haiti
> – You need to get vaccinations before coming
> – If you are planning on staying long term you just have to register at the Canadian Embassy
> 2. Health care/Insurance
> – I worked at 2 different hospitals here so you will be fine in regards to having access to a hospital, however, they are about an hour away from us
> – You need to get medical insurance before coming
> 3. Security
> – We do not have much security at the orphanage but we are in a pretty safe area. At night we lock the gates so no one can enter the house
> – We do not have a vehicle so we use public transportation
> 4. In country support
> – I have tons and tons of contacts and friends here in Haiti, I consider them my family so you do not need to worry about that
> 5. Duties
> – It honestly depends when you are coming and what you want to do
> Emily 🙂

Any one who is wondering about number five… well let me put it this way I will be doing as much as I can whether it’s just being a role model as a male or Building the new orphanage that is in the plans to be built! I want to put all my skills to work and help when and where I can!

It is very important to generate a good attitude, a good heart, as much as possible. From this, happiness in both the short term and the long term for both yourself and others will come.

-Dalai Lama

Getting the ball rolling

So far I’ve trimmed out most of my pamphlets and handed a bunch of them out, my one friend has gone to a few local store that were more than happy to promote my “Great Cause”. Let me first start by thanking “The Dollar Store” which is on Parent and Ottawa, Milk as well as Dr. Disk for helping support my cause.

My friend Jess dropped off most of the flyers and such, but my plan is to go to each place and thank the managers in person it’s the least I can do for their support no matter how much I pull in even if it’s only pocket change, it all counts!

I’m currently researching into larger organisations that may want to sponsor me but more specifically Hime for Help, because they need money to build the new orphanage on the free land that the Mayor graciously gave to Emily and Montana.

I have another friend that is looking into getting a donation/ sponsorship from Rotary International, which would be fantastic. Depending if they choose to support me and how much if it is large enough I will put a good portion of it to Hime for Help because the really do need funds to start the new building project. I am hoping by the time I get there that we will be in “Full swing” of starting or even coming close to finishing the new home!

I’ve talked with a few people about creating an educational video about what’s going on in Haiti at the orphanage about Emily and Montana and their progress as well as goals. I want everyone to people to listen and share this video because having something to watch and hear sometimes yields a great impact. I also plan on putting together a little speech incase anyone wants me to talk to them about what is going on; mind you I can already do that but something more prepare is what I mean especially if they want me to present it to an organisation.

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.
-Dalai Lama