Good Things Are Coming.

I got a call this morning from Kurt at and informed me that the first package is almost ready which is great! I was told the other day that two other girls are heading out to Haiti soon to Help Emily and Montana and that we could send the netting off with them.

I also want to thank Rachel Mattsson for mailing out the Hime For Help Stickers, they showed up pretty much the next day. I put them right on my car and I like it, it stand out great and the QR code works as well… I tested it 😛 .


I have dropped off a donation can at my other Job Footlocker in the back area for my co-workers to donate so far I have a few coins in there (^_^).

Things are looking up and getting exciting I wish I was going tomorrow! but I still have to get some things in order and raise some money. If you would like to get some of the stickers for yourself or anyone else and support Hime For Help, please let me know! Call or email me and I will get you lined up with the right people!!!


Recently I received a suggestion of setting up a day at a park or down by the river and doing a photo shoot for anyone who is interested a simple 30 minutes 30 dollars and 30 Photo’s on a CD and all the money would go towards the donations! I think it’s a great idea, I’ve even thought about expanding it maybe 10 dollars 5 photo’s 10 minutes. While thinking about expanding the idea of doing photo’s I thought about heading down town on the weekend and doing what the performers do, sit around with a hat and ask people if they want their picture taken; maybe charge a dollar and give them a paper with my facebook photography page. Sure people can take their own pictures but with my portrait flash and giving them the ability to choose their pose I think it could be a huge hit!

New QR Code created for Facebook and everywhere else for the blog 🙂

“Dont forget to smile!”

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.//To help change the world

~Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy//Justin Parkinson

Efforts Paying Off

Recently I said I received an email from a mosquito curtain company well here’s the news: I called Kurt and he said that they gather a lot of scraps that they cannot sell because of “Cosmetic” errors and purely cosmetic. Kurt and I spoke for a bit and he gave me a lot of good rigging suggestions. There were two things that he requested of me

1. Pay shipping (not big deal it’s worth it)

2. He would like Photos of the kids and the orphanage

What Kurt told me is that he has done this a few times before but people never hold up their end of the bargain of sending photos so I told him that because I plan on doing a lot of photography out there that I would make sure he gets some pictures!

I’ve done some minor updates to the posters and posted them on the blog as well I have added a “Donations” Button yay!

On other news I am selling my Cannon Rebel XS (DSLR) camera since it only takes photo’s I’m planning on upgrading to a Cannon 2Ti so that I can take some video’s while in Haiti since Emily was asking me if I could do that. So if anyone is interested in the camera let me know it comes with a lot of accessories. If you’re interested you can comment on this post, call/txt me 226.345.2951 or email me at

So Emily’s communications have been down for the past few days since her power has been out I was able to talk to her for a bit today she’s doing well along with Montana. The girls have been a bit sick the past few days since the water they were drinking wasn’t purified but they didn’t know that since they were purchasing it.

I recently got her address over there and will most likely be sending some Water Purification Tablets. Emily informed me mail doesn’t always reach people out there because the system is so corrupt but I was able to find a fairly cheap price.

I have spoken to a co-worker who is in talks with someone she knows at Rotary International and have been giving me tips on writing a letter for Donations/support I wrote up a draft today and will let everyone know the updates as soon as I know myself.

 There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness.

-Dalai Lama

Research Pays Off!

Recently since I’ve made this project “public” or gotten it into full swing it’s all I’ve been able to think about. Emily and I are corresponding several times a day and my motivation is high!.

I’ve been doing a lot of research into other organisations for tips and potential support for Hime for Help. Not only have I been inquiring about getting tips and such but I have been looking at companies for resources and things that could be donated or discounted potentially in bulk. Here’s the great new well good news, I’ve been in talks with a bug net wholesaler ( and he’s already responded; he being the owner of the company. I received an email this morning stating:

Call me.  We accumulate large scraps with only minor cosmetic errors that we can’t sell.
In addition,  we have some interesting improvised rigging ideas.  We’ve done this sort of thing before.

Fingers crossed that we can get a great deal or even stuff for free!

The other day Emily was telling me she needed a Video person and of course having a background in photography and at Specs Howard I would jump at that chance! So more research has been done I was looking into a solar power battery charger for my camera. I found a Solar Charger for my camera’s battery specifically which is fantastic. I also found a Universal Solar Charger, most are running for 150 dollars but with my great skills of hunting the internet I found the same model for 72 dollars plus shipping so I may look into that.  Because the power over at the orphanage may be sporadic I figured solar would be the best route to go; if I ended up getting the universal charger then we could use it for a lot more things like Emily’s lap top or camera’s or other gear. Keep in my this is not a huge solar panel, it’s only little and can fit in a backpack even a purse a “regular” purse not a granny one that can carry 5 bricks it in.

Last post I mentioned about talking to my mum about going to Haiti and that she was not pleased, well I had someone there for support and later that night I ended up going to his place just to talk about what some worries were. It was a very good conversation and we talked about things that I have thought about and some that I hadn’t but I am still very confident in what I’m doing. I’m somewhat glad people are challenging me in my decision because it prepares me for when people are really against me going. The more and more people challenge me more the more confident I because same with when people encourage me. I kind of feel like I’m being driven to do this really put my talents and skill where they can be used!

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.

-Dalai Lama

Sharing the Info

So today I went out to lunch with my mother to let her know my plans of going to Haiti. Like I expected and what I would expect from every parent, is that she was not to impressed with the quick drop of news. Keep in mind I’m the youngest child of three and I’m “the baby” and Haiti is obviously not the safest country… First country to ever successfully perform a “Coupe D’etat”.

It is important for me to have my mum on board for this but regardless of her decision I’m going but I have no doubt she will support me and help me out… and what I’m assuming brag about what her son is doing once I’m out there.

My mum actually looked at some of the posters I’ve made up and even made some suggestions to change out and naturally is concerned with other information regarding going there and staying there. If any one is curious let me post up a list that Emily have posted for me.

 Hey Justin
> Today has been a busy day. Took the kids to the soccer field and then the beach right after. We had a blast.
> 1. Whats needed for short/long term
> – You do not need a visa for Haiti
> – You need to get vaccinations before coming
> – If you are planning on staying long term you just have to register at the Canadian Embassy
> 2. Health care/Insurance
> – I worked at 2 different hospitals here so you will be fine in regards to having access to a hospital, however, they are about an hour away from us
> – You need to get medical insurance before coming
> 3. Security
> – We do not have much security at the orphanage but we are in a pretty safe area. At night we lock the gates so no one can enter the house
> – We do not have a vehicle so we use public transportation
> 4. In country support
> – I have tons and tons of contacts and friends here in Haiti, I consider them my family so you do not need to worry about that
> 5. Duties
> – It honestly depends when you are coming and what you want to do
> Emily 🙂

Any one who is wondering about number five… well let me put it this way I will be doing as much as I can whether it’s just being a role model as a male or Building the new orphanage that is in the plans to be built! I want to put all my skills to work and help when and where I can!

It is very important to generate a good attitude, a good heart, as much as possible. From this, happiness in both the short term and the long term for both yourself and others will come.

-Dalai Lama

Getting the ball rolling

So far I’ve trimmed out most of my pamphlets and handed a bunch of them out, my one friend has gone to a few local store that were more than happy to promote my “Great Cause”. Let me first start by thanking “The Dollar Store” which is on Parent and Ottawa, Milk as well as Dr. Disk for helping support my cause.

My friend Jess dropped off most of the flyers and such, but my plan is to go to each place and thank the managers in person it’s the least I can do for their support no matter how much I pull in even if it’s only pocket change, it all counts!

I’m currently researching into larger organisations that may want to sponsor me but more specifically Hime for Help, because they need money to build the new orphanage on the free land that the Mayor graciously gave to Emily and Montana.

I have another friend that is looking into getting a donation/ sponsorship from Rotary International, which would be fantastic. Depending if they choose to support me and how much if it is large enough I will put a good portion of it to Hime for Help because the really do need funds to start the new building project. I am hoping by the time I get there that we will be in “Full swing” of starting or even coming close to finishing the new home!

I’ve talked with a few people about creating an educational video about what’s going on in Haiti at the orphanage about Emily and Montana and their progress as well as goals. I want everyone to people to listen and share this video because having something to watch and hear sometimes yields a great impact. I also plan on putting together a little speech incase anyone wants me to talk to them about what is going on; mind you I can already do that but something more prepare is what I mean especially if they want me to present it to an organisation.

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.
-Dalai Lama

1st Progress Report

So a few days have gone by since my last post, and there have been some good developments. I took my finished posters and got some printed up, which by the way looks much better than coming out of my printer! Just a reminder the money came out of my pocket to pay for them 🙂 .

I took a bunch of the posters and pamphlets and handed them out to some friends that were more than willing to go to stores and help me. I want to thank these people very much it makes things much easier and keeps my confidence high. I also went to the dollar store and picked up some “piggy bank/ donation cans” I just need to make some banner wraps for them or paint them.

Today I officially got my first pledge which is fantastic put a huge smile on my face and it’s just one step closer to reaching my goal and getting to Haiti to help out Emily. With the enthusiasm of my friends that are volunteering to help me (once again thank you) I feel I will reach my goal and then some. Like in the previous post anything over the 2500 dollar goes straight to Emily’s organisation Hime For Help.

Extra donations past my goal will help buy supplies for the kids and upkeep of the new orphanage that will be built. The Mayor offered Emily free land now it’s just a case of raising money and getting it built; I will definitely need to start doing more push-ups especially to help out with labour building a great home for these kids.

Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.

-Dalai Lama

Thank you for the support everyone and please share my blog!

Just’in Hime for Help

Hello my name is Justin Parkinson, if you’ve read my profile by now you know that:

I’m a Police foundations and radio broadcasting graduate but my passion is traveling. I’ve come to realize that with my traveling I can help people.

I’ve decided to open this blog to keep people up to date on my journey to help my friend Emily Hime with her orphanage in Lanzac, Haiti.

I want to keep people up to date on how things are developing.

I want to let everyone know that I don’t expect huge donations/ pledges. I don’t expect any but any and all will be much appreciated, whether it’s one penny or 200 dollars.
Regardless of how much I raise, I plan on putting a large amount of my future pay checks into a separate account that I have already opened.
I have done some simple math and if I am to raise the money myself the soonest I would make it to Haiti/ the 2500 dollar goal , would be late August, early September; that’s after paying for car payments and being able to buy out my cell phone contract.
I want every one to be aware;  if you do decide to sponsor me I will not be using that money to pay for any of my car payments insurance or phone bills, it will go straight into my Haiti account.
As well I want to let everyone know that any money I collect past the 2500 dollars, I will be donating it straight to Emily Himes organization Hime For Help.

I have recently stopped any spending that isn’t needed, such as buying fast food, or spending money on my car; which by the way is a huge deal for me!
I will be dropping everything I have in Canada and leaving my mum behind but will keep in touch with her, Love you mom, along with the rest of my family.

I’m tired of the hustle and bustle of this “first world nation”, don’t get me wrong Canada is great but I feel like my talents are wasted here and that I can do so much more for people in need like in Haiti for example.
Meeting Emily Hime was probably one of the best things that could have happened to me , she really opened my eyes   to her passion. Her actions have  struck a cord in my heart.
Just seeing Emily’s passion warms my heart and motivates me to want to help her with her fantastic organization
Check out the site of this woman who at the young age of 20 has done  such un-imaginable things!

Once again guys I want to thank you for all the support ahead of time!

This blog will be dedicated to keeping people up to date on my life up to and beyond reaching Haiti.

-Justin Parkinson